Reyes, Marlins a match

Jose Reyes's speed would be a good fit for the top of the Marlins' lineup. Steve Mitchell/US Presswire

There were almost certainly some eyebrows raised earlier this week when the Miami Herald reported that the soon-to-be renamed Florida Marlins were actively pursuing Jose Reyes. The Marlins aren't usually big spenders on the free-agent market, and their acquisitions are typically of the bargain bin variety.

However, the Fish are moving into a new stadium next season, and with that should come a boost in revenue. And when you examine the rest of their portfolio, it becomes clear that the eventual Miami Marlins should stop at nothing to sign Reyes.

Here are a four reasons:

They severely underperformed

It would be easy to look at Florida's 72-90 record last season and conclude that the Marlins aren't close enough to contending to make signing Reyes worth it. But a closer inspection reveals that the Marlins were much better than their record indicated.