Remaining needs for all 30 teams

Prince Fielder is the clear prize remaining on the market, and the Nationals must grab him. Jerry Lai/US Presswire

Baseball's winter meetings are now a month gone and most of the remaining big free agents have signed. But with more than 100 major league free agents remaining (and even more minor league free agents), the Hot Stove season has a lot of action remaining.

With only a handful of true stars available for teams this winter on the market, most teams still have a lot of work ahead of them -- not everybody can sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson and call it a winter.

So which teams have the most things on their to-do list? Every team will do at least something in the seven weeks until spring training starts, but some clearly have a ways to go in preparing for the 2012 season. Here's a rundown of what all 30 teams could still use before pitchers and catchers report, ranked by teams that figure to be most active to least:

1. Washington Nationals

The Nationals have shown a willingness to spend big money this offseason and have been in the conversation for every star free agent, but they were unable to land any of them. Prince Fielder is still out there, and Washington is the likely favorite for him with Michael Morse shifting back to the outfield.

Gio Gonzalez may not be a true ace, but he fills a big hole in the rotation. If the Nats can add Fielder, then they become a serious wild-card contender along with the other upstart in the division, the Miami Marlins. Any big moves remaining will likely have to be done with cash, as Bryce Harper remains untouchable and Washington unloaded half of its top prospects to bring in Gonzalez.

2. Boston Red Sox