Brewers stuck in the middle

Yovani Gallardo is good, but he's not consistent enough to be the ace of a World Series contender. Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Last season, the Milwaukee Brewers posted a winning record for the fourth time in six seasons and came within five games of a playoff berth. This season, Milwaukee will enter the season with a well-rounded roster that has few holes.

But the Brewers are also short on sure things. While they have sufficient depth at their questionable positions -- particularly the starting rotation -- the team is essentially relying on big seasons from players who aren't safe bets to provide them. As such, the Brewers' path to the postseason will be a narrow one.

Ryan Braun is going to be ballin' like a boss and still somehow isn't 30 years old yet. For the second straight season, Braun posted a 7-WAR season. He upped his game from 30/30 in 2011 to 40/30 last season, becoming just the 11th player in baseball history to reach that plateau. While we can't forecast such a season as a repeat, it's safe to say that Braun will once again be among the cream of the crop in 2013.

But after Braun, the production drops.