Rangers will regret Choo contract

The Texas Rangers rolled the dice in a big way over the weekend, agreeing to a contract with the best hitter left in free agency, outfielder Shin-Soo Choo. At $130 million over seven years, Choo could hardly be classified as a bargain and along with the addition of Prince Fielder's gargantuan contract, the Rangers have left little doubt that they've thrown caution to the wind.

Everyone agrees that Choo is a good player and an excellent addition for any contending team right now, but just how much will the Rangers regret the signing by decade's end? If history is any guide, quite a lot.

All-Star, not a superstar

The initial problem with Choo's contract is that while he's very likely to be a big help to the 2014 Rangers, he's not really a superstar. When signing a player to a megacontract, you tend to need a great deal up front as compensation for the back end of the deal. For example, when looking at Seattle's signing of Robinson Cano, while Cano may not be worth his salary in the final years of the deal, that's balanced by the odds that he's actually likely to be underpaid for his production in the early stages of the contract.