Dodgers a fit for CC Sabathia

Like Ian Kinsler in Texas, Matt Kemp, left, is the victim of an positional logjam. USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers got together to help each other out by exchanging contracts that neither team wanted any more. The Tigers dumped $138 million of the $168 million remaining on Prince Fielder's deal, and in exchange, they took back the $62 million guaranteed that Ian Kinsler has left on his contract. Perhaps this won't be the last deal like this we see this winter.

With all the new television money flowing into the game, teams have financial resources to absorb large contracts, but the supply of free agents worthy of such deals isn't getting any larger. As teams look to spend money but are either spurned by free agents or unimpressed with the available crop, they could very well look to other teams for chances to exchange overpriced contracts.

So, let's look at a few other big contract swaps that might actually benefit both teams.

1. OF Matt Kemp for LHP CC Sabathia

Kemp's remaining contract: 6 years, $128 million
Sabathia's remaining contract: 4 years, $96 million

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a crowded outfield, and likely have to trade one of Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier or Carl Crawford due to the emergence of Yasiel Puig (and top prospect Joc Pederson isn't far behind). They reportedly are in the market for another starting pitcher, but don't want to part with a draft pick to sign one of the better starters on the market. By swapping Kemp for Sabathia, they could kill two birds with one stone.