Top missed opportunities of winter

The Mariners signed Robinson Cano to a 10-year deal ... and haven't done much else. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

It may seem as though we just watched the 38th Mariano Rivera retirement ceremony to close out the regular season, but we're already halfway to the start of spring training. There's still time for teams to turn around the offseason, but the calendar is moving rapidly, and many of the more desirable free agents are already being fitted for their 2014 uniforms.

Two-thirds of Keith Law's Top 50 free agents are already gone, so at this point, it's not premature to run down the teams that have missed opportunities so far this winter.

Detroit Tigers and their bullpen

You can envision scenarios in which trading Doug Fister helps the Tigers in 2014. One can kind of squint and see why they wanted to add Robbie Ray to the team. But Detroit's version of musical chairs evokes the dreariness of Siberia rather than happy, laughing children, as the Tigers inexplicably used the saved Fister funds to make the bullpen more expensive without upgrading it from last season.