The White Sox's awesome winter

Jose Abreu's $68 million contract isn't that crazy in the context of other big deals. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

When you think about which team has had the best offseason, you probably think about the teams that have done the most -- or at least, have done the most to improve their chances of winning in 2014.

The Washington Nationals added Doug Fister for a song, and not even a hit song -- more like a break-up track from a mediocre 1990s boy band. The St. Louis Cardinals got underrated contributors in Peter Bourjos, Jhonny Peralta and Mark Ellis, and now their biggest problem is deciding whether to carry four or five relievers who each throw 100 mph. And yet, it is possible that when we look back on the winter of 2013, the best series of offseason moves will not belong to either Washington or St. Louis -- nor any other 2014 contender -- but instead to the stealthy rebuild happening on the South Side of Chicago?