A non-Cano solution for Yankees

Shin-Soo Choo could shore up the Yankees' outfield -- but he'll be expensive. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The New York Yankees have a lot to do this winter. General manager Brian Cashman has already said he needs to find "400 innings," the team has to wait on and then possibly react to how Alex Rodriguez's situation plays out, and they must find a way to improve an offense that was by some measures one of the five worst in all of baseball last season.

Oh, and they need to re-sign star second baseman Robinson Cano. But, what if Cano decides to sign elsewhere?

Surely the Yankees wouldn't collectively run into the corner and cry and punt the 2014 season, but they will need a plan. While most have focused on the Yankees' "need" to re-sign Cano, the All-Star second baseman is not their only path to contention in 2014. In fact, if they take that money and spread it around elsewhere, there is a way they can win next year even without Cano.