You've been served

Jamie Kripke for ESPN The Magazine

This story appears in the June 28 issue of ESPN The Magazine.


Plaintiff, the hitters of Major League Baseball, acting upon notification and authorization to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, for its complaint alleges as follows:

The Defendant, a 26-year-old Colorado Rockies pitcher named Ubaldo Jimenez, on or about Opening Day of the 2010 baseball season, plotted against Plaintiff to break Major League Baseball Rule 1.02, which reads, "The objective of each team is to win by scoring more runs than the opponent."

Plaintiff alleges that Defendant, by refusing to allow opponents to score, is breaking Rule 1.02 by both intent and purpose. This complaint will show that, through the first two months of the season, Defendant knowingly and willingly plotted against other teams and hitters in Major League Baseball to prohibit them from scoring runs. Defendant's actions are blatant violations of baseball's fair-play rules.