Gold standard is not what it should be

Every year, I swear I'm going to ignore the Gold Gloves because every year brings yet another completely ridiculous choice. Oh well, maybe in 2006. Until then, I thought I'd answer some e-mail.

John Kreiser: Loathe as I am to compliment a Yankee, check out Baseball Prospectus' comments on the AL shortstop Gold Glove. They don't agree with your denigration of Derek Jeter's play in 2005. Much to my surprise, Jeter wasn't a ridiculous choice this year. Maybe someone worked on positioning with him -- I don't recall as many dives (and misses). According to the comments, he was a decent choice -- not great, but not embarrassing, either.

As a Giant fan, I was delighted to see two of our guys win Gold Gloves, though I wouldn't have given one to either Mike Matheny or Omar Vizquel.