Ruth's called shot is as good as it gets

I'm glad I was born when I was. The "good old days"? You can have them, as I've become quite attached to modern amenities like satellite television, Novocain and World Series-winning Red Sox. Still, on the 75th anniversary of Babe Ruth's "Called Shot" in the 1932 World Series, I'm reminded once again that by virtue of being born in 1966, I've missed a huge chunk of baseball history. And while we've been blessed with a vast literature, much of it composed by skilled researchers and writers, most of what happened before 1960 runs in black-and-white TV when we're imagining historic events in our heads.

I want to see them in color, though. And I want to see what really happened, as opposed to what somebody later wrote that somebody told him happened. Which is why I sometimes fantasize about traveling backward in time. You want to stop World War II before it starts, or save your grandfather from a grisly death that would cancel your very existence? Have fun. I'm going to see a baseball game, and here are the five I'm going to see first.