Cust stands out as the ultimate '3-TOG'

Baseball's different these days, and some people don't like all the changes. When the Yankees play the Red Sox, for example, you might as well assume they'll need at least four hours and a dozen or so pitchers. Some people might blame "Moneyball," but they might as well blame Maury Wills on Ty Cobb, or Roger Clemens on Tom Seaver. Today's hitters take pitches -- and thus draw walks, and strike out -- because the game's current conditions encourage them to take pitches. Today's hitters are also stronger than ever, and so when they do swing at pitches, they often hit them a long way.

The origin of the term "Three True Outcomes" is hazy, but it may have originated with the legendary Rob Deer Fan Club. Nearly eight years ago, my friend Rany Jazayerli wrote the following in a Baseball Prospectus article: