No catch: FA Abreu abysmal in field

If you're wondering why Bobby Abreu seems to be a pariah on the free agent market, there's a play from the Yankees-Tigers game on May 1, 2008 that might help explain it.

Die-hard fans with incredible recall ability will remember that the 34-year-old right fielder hit a three-run homer in the first inning that night, but Abreu's offensive game isn't his problem right now. Instead, let's revisit the third inning, when Miguel Cabrera drove one to deep right.

Whether it was a bad read by Abreu or his reputed fear of the wall, he didn't make a play he should have. No error was charged, so there was no record of his gaffe in the box score, but Cabrera ended up with an RBI triple. It was one of only two triples Cabrera hit all season, so it obviously took an extraordinary misplay to make it happen.