Manny, prospects can help fill holes

To accompany Buster Olney's list of open jobs in the American League, Insider asked our friends at Baseball Prospectus to start filling them. They used three different categories of players to break down the possibilities:


Angels: Having reviewed the marginal gains to be had among the potential suitors of Manny Ramirez, it's quite apparent that the Angels occupy a sweet spot. They've got money, given that their $160 million offer to Mark Teixeira was spurned and wasn't really spent elsewhere. They've got need, given that their .413 slugging percentage was ninth in the league even with Teixeira's strong two months, and that neither Kendry Morales nor Juan Rivera profile as nearly as robust additions to the lineup. And they've got a vacancy at DH, which is likely to be Manny's best defensive position in the coming years.