BP Daily: Is Lincecum enough in SF?

Tim Lincecum was spectacular in winning the Cy Young in 2008. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

In Tim Lincecum, human pitching machine, the Giants enjoy the benefit of employing the most freaky-good pitcher in baseball today. His legendary durability in college seems to transcend the concerns of statheads evaluating his workload and scout types wondering how someone can so dominantly defy the expectation that short right-handers can't be overpowering aces. But even with last season's National League Cy Young Award winner as a starting point, in the era of the five-man rotation, you're left with the little matter of almost 130 games' worth of starts. Given that the Giants are becoming something of a boutique choice for relevance in the standings, do they have enough arms to really make some noise in the NL West?

The good news is found in the rotation, although even with the benefit of Lincecum up front, last year's unit was pretty mediocre within the league as a whole. It ranked ninth in the NL with a per-game rate of support-neutral performance adjusted for opposing lineups (SNLVA_R) of .527, where .500 is average.