BP Daily: Reality check, part II

On Tuesday, we took a look at some of the players whose spring performances were not worth getting worked up over, as small sample sizes had fueled their bogus progress or downfall. However, there are still nuggets of information that can be gleaned from spring training statistics, given the proper context, so today we review the players who might be worth an extra look -- for good or bad.

Brandon Wood has been one of the top prospects in the Angels' organization since his breakout campaign at High-A Rancho Cucamonga in 2005. Hitting 43 homers brings that kind of attention, but at the same time, he did have a serious issue in the form of striking out a lot. Striking out often is not a death sentence, or all that much worse than any other kind of out, but it's not a good sign for a young player to strike out as often as Wood did, and still does. He struck out more than 27 percent of the time in his short stint in the majors last season, and he failed to display the plate patience he had during his time in the minors.