For the love of the gamer

The sabermetric revolution is all about quantifying things that had previously been unquantifiable. Want to know how many outs Grady Sizemore saved over the average center fielder? There is a stat for that. How many extra bases Carl Crawford took on the bases relative to average? Yeah, there is a stat for that too.

But there is one thing for which we haven't really figured out a stat: intangibles. This is no surprise -- intangibles, by definition, are not measurable. But that doesn't seem to stop people from discussing their importance. And while we haven't found the formula, somehow there's a group of players I think we can all agree are believed to have them. We'll start with David Eckstein, Chone Figgins, Craig Counsell, Eric Byrnes, Darin Erstad and, of course, The Captain, Derek Jeter. So now that we have a good sense of who the gamers are, is there anything we can do to figure out the value of their intangibles?