BP Daily: Infielders Anonymous

Sure, Ryan Braun is cocky, but he backs it up when he steps to the plate. One aspect of his game that Braun is not cocky about (with good reason) is his defense. A shortstop at the University of Miami, Braun initially moved to third base as a pro, but that lasted all of 112 games in the big leagues before he went to the defensive wasteland of left field. The frustrating thing for many is that on a pure athleticism-and-tools level, Braun has everything needed to be a solid if not above-average player at the hot corner; his defense has always, even in the outfield, been best described as indifferent.

Kevin Goldstein's analysis of why so many infielders become outfielders, along with a list of five current prospects likely to follow this path, is for ESPN Insiders.Insider