The decade's forgotten glove masters

Despite this, people ignore Endy's prowess as a fielder -- because of his lack of a stick. Odd, no? Getty Images

Much like they did last week (here's an example), this week on ESPN.com writers and editors will also be looking back at the past decade in baseball -- and looking ahead to the future. Today, Tom Tango of the blog Inside the Book identifies some great glove men who have been ignored because of their meager bat power.

Endy Chavez is a great outfielder by pretty much every measure.

For starters, he has The Catch. Then there are the fans, who rate him as a great fielder. Additionally, his career UZR (ultimate zone rating) is +52 runs, which is more impressive when you consider that it was accomplished in the equivalent of four full seasons. And, of course, my own metric, WOWY (With Or Without You, a measure of how his pitchers do when he's on the field and not on the field), has the 31-year-old Mariner at 90 plays above average for his career.