Outtakes with Cliff Lee

This interview appears in the Feb. 22 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

KM: Now, have you found a place to live out in Seattle yet?
CL: I'm actually going to rent Jamie Moyer's house from him.
KM: I'd like to undercut Moyer. I have a rental property that might interest you more than Jamie's. Mine's probably smaller, but it's on a lake. I'll even offer two months for free.
CL: Wait, you serious?
KM: Sure am. If the Moyer deal falls through or he becomes sort of a
tyrant as a landlord, get back to me. Our last renter sucked. His dogs trashed the place.
CL: Well, Jamie's house is pretty nice. He's got, like, 50 kids, so it has to be pretty big.