Outtakes with Nelson Cruz

The following interview appears in the May 17 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

KM: You had a good run in last year's Home Run Derby. Think it was your breakout moment?
NC: It was a dream come true. But I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the moment. Plus, since I was a late addition, I didn't have time to think, Oh, I need to win this.

KM: What's your favorite city to visit on the road?
NC: New York. I have a lot of family and friends from the Dominican there. It can be tough, though, because everybody wants to see you, and I usually don't have time.
KM: Is it tough to get tickets for everyone who wants to come to a game? Do you and your teammates swap? Like, one guy needs them in Seattle, so you trade?
NC: Yes. But most guys have family in New York, so everybody needs tickets there.
KM: What do you think of the new Yankee Stadium?
NC: I love all the space. The kitchen is big, the lockers are big. There's more of everything.