Org Watch: No help for Nationals

The Washington Nationals might be mired in the basement of the National League East, but they are nonetheless one of the most pleasant surprises in the game. Predicted by most to once again be one of the worst teams in baseball and in contention to have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 draft for the third consecutive year, a scrappy mix of young players and thought-to-be washed out veterans have flirted with .500 for much of the season.

Today, the team gets even better with the addition of insta-ace Stephen Strasburg, the top pitching prospect in the game and, some think, of the generation. Once the top pick from Monday, Bryce Harper, signs in mid-August, many believe that the Nationals will once again have the top prospect in the game and another historic-level talent on the horizon.

So Strasburg makes them better instantly and Harper assumingly does down the road a bit, but what about the rest of the Nationals' system?