Projecting the Gonzalez-Escobar deal

Yunel Escobar might not put the Jays back in the AL East race, but it was a good deal for the team. Getty Images

One of the principles of investing is to buy low, sell high. In acquiring shortstop Yunel Escobar from the Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos is making an aggressive play that could benefit the team for years at little cost.

The Braves, on the other hand, pick up Alex Gonzalez based on his seven-HR April, which won't benefit his new team unless the organization gets its hands on a time machine in the next couple of weeks. Atlanta's had an impressive resurgence this year, but I don't think anybody in the organization has the know-how to alter our current understanding of physics, unless it intends to turn this into a three-way trade for Craig Breslow of the A's.