Call-ups for contenders

Even with a loaded roster, the Yankees could get some value from adding Jesus Montero. Getty Images

Instead of worrying about trades that may or may not happen, what about the players that are sticking around? Looking at the ten teams with the best shot at reaching the postseason -- that's the current playoff percentage next to the team -- based on our Playoff Odds Report heading into Sunday, here are some names you might see down the stretch, or at least when rosters expand to 40 just six weeks from now:

1. New York Yankees (85.9%)
The Yankees are one of the more set teams in the game, but this conversation is impossible to have without the mention of Jesus Montero. While his name came up in the Cliff Lee deal that didn't happen, Montero is likely off the market unless an unknown blockbuster ends up on the table, so it's time to figure out his future in New York. Montero has heated up in a big way of late, batting .317/.442/.512 in July, and could be worth a late-season shot to shore up the revolving DH situation at Yankee Stadium. Also worth a look might be veteran Jonathan Albaladejo, who has gotten plenty of chances, and has been one of the International League's most dominating closers this year, limiting hitters to a .153 batting average while striking out 61 in 46 2/3 innings.