Wait 'til next year in three hotbeds

Some think Theo Epstein might still be a buyer. It ultimately might not be wise. Getty Images

As we race toward the deadline, the time to make decisions becomes compressed; with that comes snap judgments, and emotion enter into the fray -- leading ultimately to some big mistakes on both a small- and big-picture level. With that in mind, here are three teams that might be better off deciding that they are not, in fact, buyers.

• The Boston Red Sox have had a ton of bad injury breaks this year; it's not time for rebuilding by any means, though, and their contract situations don't allow for it.

• The Los Angeles Dodgers could help shore up their long-term future by using starters with expiring contracts to find answers at positions held by aging and/or unproductive veterans.

• A second-half slump has seemingly pulled the New York Mets out of contention, but are they in the position to suddenly become sellers?