Mark Melancon just won't cut it

New Astros addition Mark Melancon isn't enough of a return for Lance Berkman. Getty Images

The trades of Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee were potential race shifters, but overall, the 2010 MLB trade deadline wasn't seismic. Still, three organizations -- the Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates -- saw the most changes within their minor league systems as a result of their dealings.

• The Astros have struggled for years and have a bad minor league system to boot. Could they be on the upswing? Sadly, it doesn't appear that way after the deadline.

• The Royals haven't been successful since seemingly the mid-1980s, but their minor league system was among the best in the game earlier this summer. Where do they stand now?

• The Pirates -- well, we've heard these stories before. Are they finally assembling the pieces, especially pitchers?