The 2010 All-Disappointing prospects

After another down year, Tim Beckham is beginning to look like a rare miss by the Tampa Bay Rays. Kim Klement/US Presswire

In last week's 10-pack, we named an all-minor league All-Star team, looking at players who had exceeded expectations this season. For this week, we'll reverse that and name an all-disappointing team for the 2010 season. Injuries don't count; these are players that got playing time and failed to live up to expectations.

Catcher: Tyler Flowers, Chicago White Sox

After hitting .297/.423/.516 across two levels in 2009, Flowers seemed nearly big league-ready, but everything went backward this year. Not only did he scuffle to a .220/.334/.434 mark at Triple-A Charlotte, but his defense, which improved in 2009, went backward again, to the point that many scouts wonder if he could play the position every day in the big leagues. With A.J. Pierzynski hitting free agency in the offseason, the timing of Flowers' regression couldn't be any worse.