Sandoval struggling with selectivity

Pablo Sandoval has lost a lot of weight, but that hasn't hindered his appetite for swinging. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The most amazing thing happened in Tuesday's game between the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres. In the second inning, Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval was thrown four straight pitches outside of the strike zone … and he didn't swing at any of them.

Last year, Kung Fu Panda had a much-publicized down year. His OPS dropped more than 200 points, and even though his team won the World Series, it was almost in spite of his efforts. It's hard to say exactly why Sandoval had such a bad year (.732 OPS). While some might point to a huge drop in batting average on balls in play -- .350 to .290, to go with a small dip in line drive rate -- his large waistline received most of the blame. Eager to not let his weight ruin his career, Sandoval dropped 40 pounds this offseason via an intense training regimen. Less than a week into the season, it appears his weight isn't going to be a problem. His complete lack of selectivity at the plate, however, might be.