Flavors of the month can go sour

A fan favorite before he got to Kansas City, Kila Ka'ahuie has quickly fallen out of favor after a slow start. Steven King/Icon SMI

Let's get this out of the way first: I have no bone to pick with either Kansas City Royals fans or their favorite club's first base prospect, Clint Robinson.

However, he's the current example of a prospect over-excitement syndrome that appears every April. Royals fans and bloggers are clamoring for Robinson to be sent to the big leagues in order to shore up a position where the current holder of the job, Kila Ka'aihue, is hitting just .186/.301/.329 in 20 games.

Maybe it's to keep alive the myth of the Kansas City team actually being competitive this year (it's coming soon Royals fans, but not this soon), or maybe it's just that they are sick of getting nothing out of a bat-only position, but it's gotten to the point where Robinson is suddenly the most talked about prospect in baseball's best system, when there are 20-plus players in the organization with better big league futures ahead of them.