Org Watch: Angels, A's, Rangers

Michael Taylor will play for the big-league A's full time someday, but his offense has dropped off. Getty Images

Today we're going to look at three teams in the American League West: the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics; since the Seattle Mariners are nearly 15 games off the pace and everyone seems to think Cliff Lee is headed to a contender by the end of July, those three squads are the primary contenders out west, with the Rangers currently holding the edge.

Some quick snapshots:

• The Rangers, potentially destined for the playoffs, could have a really deep bullpen come October -- although they're making decisions towards a different end.

• The A's have the No. 11 offense in the American League, and no one has an OPS over .800 on that squad. That's not good. And, um, it's not going to get better.

• The Angels, one of the better-run teams in baseball, have decidedly more in the pipeline than just Mike Trout.