Making a match for Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee could change a pennant race this year -- but where? Getty Images

The main prize of the July 31 trade deadline may be Cliff Lee of the Seattle Mariners. As we saw last year with the Philadelphia Phillies, Lee can dramatically alter a pennant race. So, where's he going to end up? We don't know the answer to that (yet), but we can look at the best fits -- and what organizations have the minor league talent to entice the Mariners into a deal.

The New York Yankees might line up as the best trade partner, but would they pull the trigger and include C Jesus Montero?

With Joe Mauer signed long-term, the Minnesota Twins have a front-line catching prospect available.

Let's look at the potential bidders in alphabetical order and what they could offer to the Mariners -- as well as Seattle's most pressing needs.