Who is this Raul A. Mondesi on Royals' World Series roster? Here's who

If he plays in the World Series, Raul A. Mondesi would become the first player in MLB history to make his debut in a World Series game. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Let's clear this up first: Raul Adalberto Mondesi, who has been placed on the Kansas City Royals' World Series roster, is not Raul Mondesi Jr. Not nominally, as he doesn't share his father's middle name, though his brother and former Rays minor leaguer, Raul Ramon Mondesi, does. Nor is he the heir to his father's traditional right-field tool profile. The 20-year old Mondesi instead has a notable combination of prodigious defensive polish and impact speed that have carried him to the game's biggest stage even before his bat has been able to catch up.

Mondesi hasn't produced impressive offensive numbers since his age-16 season in the Rookie-level Pioneer League in 2012. Even with that season included, Mondesi's career minor league hitting line is a paltry .246/.290/.365. As it pertains to Mondesi's long-term prospect status, that triple-slash line can be tossed aside, as Mondesi has always had sneaky raw power, capable hitting tools and has been on average 4.78 years younger than the competition he has faced during his career. I still think his bat will come in time, at least to the point where it's passable enough for him to get into a big league lineup every day.