Way-too-early World Series preview: How do Red Sox match up with Cubs?

Icon Sportswire, USA TODAY Sports

CHICAGO -- In terms of storylines, it doesn't get more delicious than this. The cursed versus the formerly cursed. Theo Epstein present versus Theo Epstein past. Wrigley Field versus Fenway Park. Chicago Cubs versus Boston Red Sox.

Maybe it's just a sportswriter's perspective, but the possibility seems too good to be true. Obviously, the key debate around a Chicago-Boston series would be which David has had the better final season: Ross or Ortiz? (Hey, Ross has 14 more defensive runs saved!)

By run differential, these are the two best teams in their respective leagues and in the majors overall. The Cubs have led the big leagues in that category all season, but since the All-Star break, it has been the Red Sox who have been more dominant than anyone else. On top of all the soap opera-friendly narratives, it's a fascinating baseball matchup of baseball's best run-scoring team (Boston) against the best run-prevention team (Chicago).