Every general manager's No. 1 priority for the second half

Some execs like New York's Brian Cashman have postseason positioning to focus on, but other GMs have other priorities to pursue. What's your team's most important task the rest of the way? Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

No MLB team can afford to take a year off. Whether they are contenders, a year or two away, or heading downhill in need of a rebuild, all teams must work to further their goals. With inaction not being a reasonable option and the first half nearly wrapped up, here is the top action item for each of the 30 teams' chief executives and general managers as the season moves forward.

American League

Baltimore Orioles: Sort out who is in charge. The Orioles are not very good and they're poorly positioned for the future. They need to figure out who is running things in the owner's box, the front office and on the field. Until they do that, the franchise will remain a mess.

Boston Red Sox: Solve their center-field problem. Jackie Bradley Jr. has followed up a disappointing 2017 campaign with an even worse season so far. The team needs to quickly figure out whether it can fix Bradley -- who is still solid defensively -- or find someone who can fill the position for this season and next.

Chicago White Sox: Deciding if 2019 is their year. The White Sox have assembled a lot of young, cheap talent. When their pals on the North Side got close, they signed Jon Lester and made the playoffs. The White Sox need to determine just how close they are, or if next year has to look a lot like this one.