Law's awards picks: Why Trout, deGrom are MVPs

Why is Mike Trout more valuable than Mookie Betts? Keith Law explains that and more in his annual awards picks. Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't get a ballot this year -- shocker -- which means I get to comment on all six of the player races (I don't care about Manager of the Year, lacking any rational means to evaluate them, which puts me in the uncomfortable position of stating an opinion with scant or nonexistent evidence to back me up).

Here's how I would vote if I had a ballot for each of the six major awards.


1. Mike Trout

2. Mookie Betts

3. Jose Ramirez

4. Alex Bregman

5. Francisco Lindor

6. Matt Chapman

7. Justin Verlander

8. Andrelton Simmons

9. J.D. Martinez

10. Jose Altuve