More likely Braves land LeBron than Bryce Harper

There has been speculation about Atlanta pursuing Bryce Harper. It makes sense, but it's just not how the organization does business. Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

It's fun to play the what-if game with Bryce Harper, imagining him dropped into the middle of a particular lineup. There are Braves fans who view this as more than fantasy, however, based on the response to a tweet posted the other day, after Atlanta signed Josh Donaldson.

There has been speculation about the Braves' possible pursuit of Harper because Atlanta is a team on the rise, and it has a need for an outfielder. But no Braves fan -- and I have a 14-year-old in my home who wears a Freddie Freeman shirt to school at least once a week -- should bother jumping on social media every five minutes over the next three months to check for a Harper/Atlanta update, because it's not how the franchise does business.