Why Manny Machado's record deal makes sense

One of the clown-sized shoes on the feet of the 2018-19 free-agent season has finally dropped: According to ESPN's Jeff Passan, Manny Machado has agreed to a 10-year, $300 million contract with the ... San Diego Padres?

Believe it. And believe that it makes sense.

Machado, 26, now owns the largest free-agent contract in the annals of American sports. It's a new mark that may not survive the week, as our attention now turns to the other one of Bozo's dangling kicks, Bryce Harper. With Machado's Dan Lozano-negotiated deal done, that gives Harper's agent, Scott Boras, an obvious final hurdle to clear in bringing his own talks to the finish line. There is no reason why both players should not be in a training camp by the end of the week.