Olney: Mets must be ready to sell, sell, sell

If New York can't turn things around, they should get as much value for their vets as possible -- starting with closer Edwin Diaz. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

Edwin Diaz turned away from home plate as Cody Bellinger completed the Dodgers' stunning comeback victory with a game-winning slide Wednesday night, and the Mets' closer lowered his chin, tugged his cap down on his forehead and began the lonely walk to the visitors' clubhouse. The Mets have had a lot of disappointment in the first two months of this season, some terrible losses, but this was a low point.

They are 27-28, six games behind the Phillies and 2½ behind the Braves in the National League East; there are more than 100 games to play, still plenty of time for a turnaround. The Mets could win tonight and split the series with the Dodgers, and the rotation of great promise could get hot and overtake Philadelphia. Robinson Cano could come back from his hamstring injury and play better, and perhaps there will be a time when Jed Lowrie, the team's big free-agent signing of the winter, will be healthy and contribute. If that happens, the Mets could be measured buyers before the July 31 trade deadline.

But as soon as next week's amateur draft is completed, the Mets should prepare for two possible postures -- that of buyer, and that of seller. A big seller.