With Andy Green out, which other managers are on the hot seat?

Manager Andy Green leaves the field in his final game as the Padres' skipper. Denis Poroy/Getty Images

With the 2019 season winding down, teams already out of the postseason picture are planning for next season. But a very few are also considering whether to make a change in the dugout and start searching for a new manager. The San Diego Padres have gotten things started with a little more than a week left in the regular season by firing Andy Green after almost four years as their field manager.

In the wake of this move, we asked ESPN.com's David Schoenfield and Bradford Doolittle for their evaluations of what's going on in San Diego, which other managers might get the ax and who they think are some of the best available candidates for the Padres' job -- or any others that come up in the next few weeks.