Buster Olney's top 10 right fielders: Acuna, Betts, Harper, Judge, Yelich ... oh my!

ESPN Illustration

The act of ranking baseball's right fielders is something that should be feared, like mistakenly sending a personal email to your entire office. If you pick Aaron Judge over Mookie Betts, you'll be persona non grata with Red Sox Nation. A high placement for Ronald Acuna Jr. over some of the more accomplished stars at the position promises to obliterate your Twitter feed.

But here we are on the last day of these positional assessments, weighing Judge's power against the hitting acumen of Christian Yelich. Here we are, measuring the fielding excellence of Betts against the power of his peers at this spot. Here we are, trying to understand what's possible for Acuna, and how much more Bryce Harper will provide in his marriage with the Phillies.