Hate MLB's expanded playoff proposal? Here's why you shouldn't

Is playoff expansion good for MLB? (1:33)

Buster Olney explains how MLB's proposal to expand its postseason format can be beneficial, even though some players like Trevor Bauer have railed against it on social media. (1:33)

After Joel Sherman's report on the revamping of the baseball playoffs was published Monday in the New York Post, the Reds' Trevor Bauer was among many who reacted strongly on Twitter.

Presumably, Bauer will eventually detail his objections to the proposed changes, and I'm sincerely curious about what they are -- because I can't see a lot of potential downside to the plan for the players or the sport.

In the meantime, here are some of the arguments we've seen so far on social media, along with our counterarguments:

A 14-team playoff field could undermine the integrity of the 162-game season.