Early 2022-23 MLB draft rankings -- From major college prospects to sons of famous MLB stars

Vanderbilt's Carter Young ranks among the top prospects to watch in our first 2022/2023 MLB draft rankings. Which other stars of tomorrow are on the list? AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

The 2021 MLB draft just ended a couple weeks ago, but draft scouting season never stops.

It would typically start right after the draft in early June, but this year some of it started on the normal schedule, now a month before the July draft, while other events were moved back. Cary, NC is playing host to key events that have many top prospects in one location (2021 MLB Draft Combine, Collegiate USA vs. Olympic USA, MLB's Prospect Development Pipeline tournament/showcase) while others are playing in the Cape Cod League or other college summer leagues.

The last two drafts were tricky for teams in large part due to COVID-shortened summer and spring seasons over the last two years, but things are basically back to normal now.

Here is a snapshot of my early top 100-plus 2022 MLB draft prospects along with my top 50 for the 2023 draft. I decided to go to 105 on this 2022 list since that's about where the talent started to look the same to me and that also goes for the 50 names below for the 2023 draft class.