New York Yankees swing for the fences with Joey Gallo, but was it the right move -- and what's next?

Yanks finalizing trade for Joey Gallo (0:52)

Jeff Passan provides more details on the Yankees finalizing a trade for Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo. (0:52)

Well, one thing is for sure: The New York Yankees will have the best three-tight end formation in the majors.

Adding Joey Gallo to Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton certainly gives the Yankees the most physically imposing trio of batsmen in history, topping even the Bash Brothers threesome of Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and Dave Parker for the A's in the late 1980s.

In fun a bit of trivia, the Yankees now roster three of the top six players all time in home run ratio (minimum 1,500 at-bats):

Mark McGwire: 10.6 ABs per HR
Babe Ruth: 11.8
Joey Gallo: 12.6
Barry Bonds: 12.9
Aaron Judge: 13.1
Gary Sanchez: 13.7

There is also no doubt that Gallo is tailor-made for the short porch at Yankee Stadium. Of his 145 career home runs, 75 have gone to right field and 39 to center field. The Yankees also desperately needed a left-handed bat. Gallo's 25 home runs in 2021 are more than the 22 the Yankees have hit all season from the left side.