Weather has its World Series moments

Snow falls around then-Indians shortstop Omar Vizquel during the 1997 World Series. Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images

Hey, it's almost November and a World Series played entirely in the chilly Northeast won't start until Wednesday. What could happen?

Plenty, actually. Rain. Wind. Cold. And maybe, just maybe, snow. Of course, if there's awful weather in this World Series, it certainly wouldn't be the first time. As we all hope for good baseball and good luck with the weather, here are seven World Series that weren't quite lucky enough:


Featuring the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Athletics, Game 3 "began in a slight drizzle that soon ceased, but the sky remained dark with lowering clouds throughout the game" (according to the 1912 Reach Base Ball Guide). That dark Manhattan sky proved prophetic, as Game 4 was delayed by steady rain for six full days. As a result, the World Series didn't end until exactly 98 years ago Monday.