The miss on Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano has become the Yankees' most consistent offensive force. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Robinson Cano has unquestionably become a superstar, leading all second basemen in VORP in each of the past three years while putting together seasons of 331, 334 and 332 total bases. The narrative on him has changed, as well, as -- with a Home Run Derby title and recent postseason accomplishments -- he's no longer just another part of the New York Yankees machine but is seen by many as the most dangerous player in their lineup.

Although Cano hasn't been a prospect for six years, I was asked recently by a reader what kind of prospect he was coming up.

The short answer is "Not much of one."

He was on plenty of Yankees' prospect lists in his career, but rarely was at or even toward the top until he hit the big leagues in 2005. Although there are always surprises in scouting and player development, most elite big league players were seen as having that potential as prospects, but that was never the case with Cano.