Why your team won't win it all (AL)

Sorry, A's fans, but Bartolo Colon simply cannot keep this up. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the playoffs set to begin, each team has hope, and the beauty of the postseason is that anyone who got here has a real chance to win.

However, almost all of them will fail. Despite their strength, there can be only one champion. Today, with hope rising in different cities, we look at the Achilles' heel for each team and note that, if they fail, this fatal flaw might well be the reason why.

Oakland Athletics: Bartolo Colon's magic act can't last forever

Bartolo Colon, at age 40, finished second in the American League in ERA. The only other time in his career he posted an ERA below 3.00 was in 2002, back when he threw in the mid-90s and could reach 100 mph at times. Now, he throws 89-mph fastballs on nearly every pitch, and while the results he got from that plan were incredible, there's just no way this can keep going on forever.

Specifically, Colon can't keep stranding runners like he has. Here are opponents' performance against him, split out by the position of the baserunners: