Finding each team's weak spot

This time of the year, the commentariat mostly talks about why the various teams can win. What's good about them. They do that because they are, for the most part, nice guys (or at least they play them on TV). I'm not a nice guy, though. I'm a mean guy, and I harbor a deep resentment of all those spoiled babies who get paid millions of dollars to bat .225 while playing a kid's game. In that spirit, then, here are the primary weaknesses I've detected during my analysis of the eight postseason contestants:

Red Sox
There are 14 teams in the American League. This season, Boston's bullpen ranked 14th in the league in ERA, 14th in OPS allowed, 12th in strikeouts per nine innings and 10th in strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Putting it mildly, this would seem to be something of a weakness.