Tigers-Mets World Series?

It didn't give me any pleasure to pick the Tigers over the Athletics. Actually, I rarely take any pleasure in picking one team over another (the exception being my annual -- and annually incorrect -- pick of the Red Sox over the Yankees, and I think I've finally figured out that's not going to happen, and will choose accordingly next spring). But last spring I thought the A's were going to be the best team in the American League this season, and I enjoyed that thought. I enjoyed that thought because I've been a Billy Beane bug for a while now, and because I'm tired of hearing about the various failures of the A's instead of their many successes. For those same reasons, I also enjoy the thought of the A's winning the World Series.

I don't think it's going to happen, though. Prior to the American League Championship Series, I had the Tigers in seven. Now, after Detroit made the A's look bad in Game 1, you have to like the Tigers in six games, or five.

Why did I favor the Tigers before last night? Two reasons.