Scouting report: Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers were my preseason pick to win the wild card, and they pulled it out with a 90-win season. However, due to injuries and some disappointing performances, the current Brewers team isn't as strong as the one that started the season. Milwaukee has the most weaknesses and the fewest strengths of any NL playoff team.


If any pitcher is good enough -- and big enough -- to pick up a team and carry it on his back, CC Sabathia is. He's a classic power pitcher, working heavily off a 93-96 mph fastball that plays up because hitters pick up the ball late out of his hand. He throws a slider and a cutter -- arguably the same pitch with different degrees of cut -- and will throw it backdoor to a right-handed hitter just as often as he'll throw it at the same hitter's back foot or throw it in the dirt in front of the catcher for a swing and miss. Even on three days' rest, he still showed good command (55-60 rating), and on full rest he's better than that. One concern about the short rest, however, is that his arm slot has dropped slightly, which can be a sign of fatigue.