Scouting report: Chicago White Sox

The White Sox lose three games to the Twins when one win would have more or less sealed the division, and then lose two more to Cleveland before winning one to stay alive. They beat a Detroit team that had no stake in the game, then finally beat the Twins 1-0 with their best starter going against the Twins' third- or fourth-best starter. Are you impressed? I'm impressed.


The White Sox, even without Carlos Quentin, hit for power -- it's their main offensive weapon. They scored 46 percent of their runs on the home run this year, an absurdly high percentage, but the inevitable result of an offense built around low-average sluggers who can't run. But one thing they can do is hit the ball out; they had six players top 20 homers, and Joe Crede would have been the seventh had he stayed healthy all year. Their home park, one of the best in the majors for home runs, helps, but the power is real all the same, as they led the American League by over 30 bombs.